Introducing The Kingshark- Hi. My name is Darryl, my pen name is "The KingShark". The name "KingShark" is somewhat a random combination of my three favorite sports teams, the San Jose Sharks (NHL), the San Francisco 49ers (NFL) and the Sacramento Kings (NBA). "KingShark" as you can see is just me putting together a name that would roll of the tongue the best. As for how a became a hockey fan, I'd have to date myself. I attended my first professional hockey game at age 9 in Oakland, CA with my father. The California Golden Seals played the Philadelphia Flyers. My father was not really much of a hockey fan however I was watching something that I had never seen before. I was fast, furious, fun and I wanted to come back for more. I did follow the Seals up until the time they moved to Cleveland when I was 13 years old.

For many years I did not have a favorite team and just watched the game of hockey because I was still a fan even with the loss of the Seals. I had mostly watched either the Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers or Chicago Blackhawks with a passing interest. However, when the San Jose Sharks were born, they were "my team". And I've been there since the beginning in the 1991-92 season.

About four years ago, I started writing sports again for the first time since my days at San Jose State in the mid 1980's. I soon discovered it was something I felt I was good at and felt good about. I was recruited to write for Blades of and later helped in getting off of the ground in 2012. Before Blades of Teal I penned articles for Chompboard, a Sharks fans blogging site that was fun but sadly went under after the 2010-11 season.

About "My Two Cents"- I see "My Two Cents" as a piece that the average sports fan can relate to because I write it from the standpoint of a sports fan, not a journalist. It's fast, it's honest and it pulls no punches. It's also fun too. I believe that holding teams, owners and even players accountable is good for business because most of us are the paying customers. The athletes are human and I don't expect perfection, I just want them to perform at the level that their talents allow. At the same time I want them to be responsible people too. I praise players and teams when they do well, and will only be critical when it's necessary as part of an evaluation of a players of teams performance. I am a sports fan who has seen many games in his lifetime and understand how teams win and why teams lose. I also hold coaches and even GM's and owners accountable because they are they ones who sign off on the product we all see as fans.

I want the reader to experience "My Two Cents" as a fun yet informative read. You may agree with my opinions, or you may disagree. I invite and want all voice to be part of the conversation. My Two Cents focuses on the San Jose Sharks hockey club, however now that it's going to be a part of Bates & Ames Fans vs Fans, it will focus on all NHL teams (not just the Sharks). "My Two Cents" also focuses on the sport of hockey in general and even other sports news as it relates to today's headlines, albeit hockey or another sport (MLB, NFL).

I invite all to read "My Two Cents" with the first article on this site appearing March 22nd. The article will go weekly whenever the Sharks season ends and all through the NHL's offseason. I look forward to the readers feedback as I believe the best sports fans are the one not necessary united by the love of one team, but the love of one sport. I would also like to thank Yates & Ames On The Ice for this tremendous opportunity. I look forward to it, I hope you do as well...

The Kingshark

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