The Vancouver Canucks will continue to roll with Eddie Lack tonight, despite the fact that he's been absolutely shelled behind a defense that doesn't seem to care one bit since Roberto Luongo was traded to the Florida Panthers. It's not all that surprising to see a remarkably stubborn coach ride a goalie that has given up 11 goals in his last three games. It's also not that surprising to see management support this sort of insistence, given how they were taken to the cleaners in both the Luongo trade and the Cory Schneider trade.

Of course he does, Torts. Of course he does.

Vancouver isn't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs (yet), and it seems unlikely that the team will roll out Jacob Markstrom until they can no longer possibly make the postseason. He's faced all of five shots since he was moved a month ago, and that number isn't likely to spike. The Canucks are working with the lanky goalie to try and help him hone his game.

How can a team possibly know what they have in net if they don't give up any playing time though? Can the Canucks really make an informed decision during the offseason about bringing in a veteran goalie if they haven't even given Markstrom a start? Logic would indicate that no, they can't. This isn't a team that's run by logic though, and it hasn't been for a long time.

This is just another mishandling in a season that has been lost due to gross mismanagement and awful coaching.