Once played in NHL, now playing in SKA St. Petersburg of the KHL. Wherever he plays, Evgeny Artyukhin is in the middle of bad things. Last Tuesday, he viciously attacked Janne Jalasvaara of Dinamo Moscow. Jalasvaara bumped him against the board, but apparently Artyukhin didn't find that so nice. This massive Russian punched Finnish Jalasvaara to the head several times, and didn't stop even when Jalasvaara went down to the ice. Bleeding Jalasvaara left the ice, returned for one shift and then left again, this time to the hospital.


In the hospital, doctors and medical staff found out that Jalasvaara's condition was not good. The following was diagnosed: blood discharge around the eye, damaged eyeball, badly ripped conjuctivitis, concussion and a deep cut in the head. Jalasvaara is out indefinitely.


This all sounds bad and serious, right? Logically thinking, Artyukhin should get suspended for atleast remainder of season. But for some reason, KHL suspended him for only three (3) games. That's right, THREE games. Unbelievable stupidity. Artyukhin has a history in this kind of things, but apparently even that doesn't matter.


Hockey fighting has been in the headlines again, but this wasn't even a fight. In my opinion, this is comparable to an assault. Why ice surface is an area outside the laws? Person attacks another person and beats him up, that's against the law. I'm not a referee or a disciplinarian, but certainly the ones who are in KHL can't do their jobs. Artyukhin-kind of players should be banned from hockey for lifetime. This kind of actions are ruining this beautiful sport. And sad but true, these things will continue happening until someone gets seriously injured or dies.


Bottom line is: fighting is an important part of hockey. Assaulting helpless opponents isn't. Watch the video and say what you think about this incident. Thanks for reading.


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