The Islanders were full of up and downs in the game at Winnipeg. Overall it is not a bad result to get a 3 points out of 3 road games but the Islanders were up 2 goals in the third period. 

My four points:

John Tavares scores his first goal and adds 2 assists.  He even earned some boos from the crowd. Sign of respect for JT.

The fourth goal by Winnipeg's Burmistrov.  Burmistrov skated around the Islanders' zone untouched; skating around Tavares and Moulson then into the circle where he finished the play with a goal.  Really bad play by the Islanders in their defensive zone. 

Nabokov gets shafted.  After standing on his head during the first period, his final numbers do not reflect his stellar play during the first period. 

Lack of size and physical play by the Islanders evident in the first period.  Winnipeg showed they wanted to push the Islanders around and it worked. The Jets dominated the play at times and were pushing the Islanders around.  As a fan it was very frustrating to watch.  And this is nothing new with the Islanders. 

Jack Capuano hair moment of the game.  The hooking call on Ullstrom in the third period was a weak call.  It led to the third goal and after that goal the Jets were flying, tieing the game quickly after the power play goal.