Here are my 4 points. Keith Aucoin scores a pair. Great to see one of the new acquisitions playing well. However he made one mistake. He was covering for Carkner on the fourth goal. If you watch the replay, while the puck was in the opposite corner he drifts over towards the boards to cover a Bruins player leaving the middle open for the breakaway. Aucoin or any D man can let that player keep the puck on boards. It would take a phenomenal play to score along the boards but don't leave the middle open. Rick Dipietro. Great to see him healty and playing. The Islanders will need him for the condensed schedule. Zdeno Chara, what could have been? I won't go into details about that wonderful trade conducted by Milbury but you have to wonder if Chara stayed with Islanders how's things could have been different for the Islanders. The Islanders are still looking for a solid defenseman. The life of a defenseman. If you watch the Islanders first goal and the Bruins second goal, you get a good idea of why it can be very difficult to play Defense in hockey. On the Islanders first goal the defenseman in positioned in front of the net has a split second to decide to leave the front of the net open to chase the Islander player behind the net. Or stay in front of the net where he could have covered the goalscorer crashing the net. The defenseman left his position and two seconds later the puck is in the net. On the Bruins second goal the Islanders defenseman decided to play the puck with his skate; another split second decision. He kicked the puck directly to the Bruins forward who scored. Really interesting parts of the game and why I didn't like to play defense. Jack Capuano's hair moment of the game: I really love Matt Martin and he has an important role on the Islanders. But I don't agree with him defending Strait for the hit he took. The hit was clean. Take his number, make a note, and line him up for a nice hit later on in the game.