Everyone knows that NHL is losing money every second when there is no hockey. However, PA and the owners are fighting for themselves. They want to get a bigger slice of our money. And that's obviously wrong. Fans don't care about the numbers. Revenue sharing? Salaries? Fans don't care about that. We want to see the best players in the world, we want to watch the game we love. It's sad that money and greed are ruining this sport. Players are indeed getting too much money, just look at Zach Parise's and Ryan Suter's contracts from last summer. Insanity. We, the fans, are paying them. And what do we get in return? A lockout. More and more fans are giving up on NHL. It crossed my mind too. Some fans will return, but a lot of them won't. A lockout in every six years is a bit too much, eh? People have other things to do. Both PA and NHL are treating fans like crap. Both want more money. Our money. But in the end, these guys wouldn't have jobs without fans. We make the game, we pay insane ticket prices to see our heroes. Why can't they play and make the deal in the same time? What's the problem in that? Games are getting canceled, more money is lost, more fans are giving up hope. The damage made can never be repaired. Make the deal, end the lockout, drop the puck.