NHLPA made a new proposal, NHL said "No". Wednesdays meeting in a nutshell. After the leagues negative response to the proposal, several players showed their frustration on Twitter. Stupid, childhish, whatever you want to call it. Are the players still united? It's clear they're starting to crack, even though they won't admit it. Some said that Wednesday was a "make or break day". We are reaching the critical point for sure, but they still have time to make the deal. And that's the problem. They can't wait for too long. NHL is losing $18-20 million dollars every day. All-Star Weekend and games through Dec. 15. will be cancelled soon. What is the next step? After Thanksgiving, they have to continue negotiating. They are not far from a deal, so why stop? Total silence between two sides would be a disaster. Will the players give up? Decertifying of the NHLPA is an option now. That might be the final solution, if we will go that far. The next step is crucial. Whatever happens, it will change the direction of this lockout. Only thing to do now is wait. Thank you for reading this. Stay strong. Happy Thanksgiving from Finland.