I am the guy at work who talks about the hockey highlights from the night before- "Did you see what Datsyuk did last night?", "Did you see the save that Price made?", "Did you see the fight between Neil and Orr?".

When the answer is no, I scramble around to different sites trying to find the clips to share.

Then I found the Shnarped Hockey App.

The App not only links you to whatever highlights you want, but also serves as an interactive experience between fans and players from the NHL, AHL, ECHL and CHL (Central Hockey League, not Canadian Major Junior.)

Founders Kyle Hagel and Dustin Sproat met playing hockey for Princeton University and eventually ended up on the same team again playing pro.

They created the charity Hockey Players for Kids in 2009, a charity which connected hockey players to the young fans in their communities. As the foundation grew, it became harder for everyone to keep track of each other.

In order to keep everyone connected they decided to create a website similar to social media for their network of fans and players to stay in touch.

Before long the site would evolve into a mobile app and has really taken off as of late.

It earned them an audition on CBC's Dragon's Den, a show in which a panel of experts listen to pitches of various ideas and inventions and decide whether they want to invest in them.

The Dragon's can bid against each other if they like an idea or partner up in an effort to land ideas they feel have business potential.

Dustin Sproat almost didn't make it the audition. The story involves a championship winning game in his hockey league, being the designated driver for the victory party, and a cow giving birth on Brian Sutter's farm in Red Deer, Alberta.

You can't make this stuff up.

But he did make it to Vancouver in time for the show. The only problem was that the third partner for the app who was to handle the majority of the presentation did not get there.

So Hagel and Sproat were on their own, and flying off the cuff as far as their pitch to the Dragon's went.

It could be the best thing that happened to them.

Not only were all the Dragon's making bids and offers to get in on Shnarped, but the final offer was a collective bid from all of the Dragon's together, which would see them get the best aspects of all the individual bids, one of which was a guarantee that the NBA would want to get in on their action.

It was a no-brainer. Kyle and Dustin accepted the collective bid.

And Shnarped will continue to add to an already fantastic app.

They are working on getting Canadian Major Junior involved as well as NHL Alumni, just to name a couple of prospects.

What is a Shnarp?

Shnarps is actually a very popular card game that hockey players of all levels play at restaurants, on buses, flights and in hotel rooms.

And the name was born.

How does it work exactly?

You start by creating a list of players you would like to track and you follow them in the News Feed section of the app. It will tell you their stat line from their last game, have video clips of the player from that game, as well as any other key notes involving the player- injury, called up, sent down, etc.

The interactive feature allows you to send any player you want a virtual "Pound" or fist bump as it may be known.You may also send a message to accompany your pound- "Great Game", "Nice Goal" or whatever you want to say.

The Players may then respond by "Pounding Back" and replying to messages.

Not all players on the app are "Verified", but it is a number that continues to grow as the popularity continues to skyrocket in recent weeks.

It has already verified the likes of Jonathan Toews, Brendan Gallagher and Jonathan Quick, just to name a few, but you can track any player from the above mentioned leagues. 

I personally, absolutely love this app. It is very easy to use and you get up to date info and highlights from all the players you want to know about.

I really believe this is something that all the other major sports will look to incorporate into their brands in the near future.

If they're smart, they won't wait long.

Go to the links below to learn more about Shnarped and see the pitch on Dragon's Den.

You can also download the app from Apple or Android.



You can follow Shnarped on Twitter @shnarped and you can follow me @TheRealJay77