To (mis)quote the great football coach Dennis Green: The Islanders were who we thought they were. The season started exciting. The Islanders looked promising and fans were optimistic. But the Islanders have pulled this trick before. I remember in the recent past the Islanders lead the Eastern Conference after about 14 games.  It seems to me the Islanders catch teams by surprise to start the season and then the veteran teams finally wake up.

The Islanders record in the last 14 games is 4-9-1.  They have had a 5 game losing streak. And a home record that is disgusting (2-8-1). 

The fiasco with Rick DiPietro. I understand why this situation made headlines but why I still have to read about DP playing minor league hockey is confusing me because this player is done. 

Fans and bloggers are calling for the coach to be fired.  Why people are wasting their time and all their readers time on this subject is mind boggling. Do people think if Scotty Bowman is coaching the Islanders, the Isles will turn into the Blackhawks? GET A GRIP! The team is lacking talent! The team is lacking size! Sometimes I think I am watching an adult NO checking hockey league when watching the Islanders. Also you can't scrap together a bunch of waiver wire pickups and expect that team to be consistent.

And the fact those bloggers are ignoring the two big pink elephants in the room Charles Wang and the obvious person who should be fired, Garth Snow. Oh I am sorry we need to give Garth Snow a chance because he has not had time to turn around the Islanders; or Garth Snow is a proven back up goalie oh I mean proven General Manager who has turned around NHL hockey clubs before! What a joke.

Its hard for me to get a read on Charles Wang. I can make an educated guess and state he got involved in owning the Islanders to take advantage of developing the real estate around the Coliseum. That was if a new Coliseum was ever built. (I am not getting into the arena situation but it definitely does not help the Islanders rebuilding process). I will say I think Charles Wang does want the Islanders to succeed. BUT. But he is a little clueless about what needs to be done. The fact Garth Snow is still the GM is one way to tell this is the case.

Could a new GM turn the Islanders into the Blackhawks? Probably not. But the Islanders are severely lacking a physical veteran player(s).  Also the Islanders have had issues attracting some free agents or keeping players they have traded for here. It is time to give another GM a shot at doing this. 


Rant Over Go Islanders