With the Sochi Olympics closely approaching, Team USA will start piecing together it's roster. This means that USA GM David Poile will start(if he hasn't started already) making his rounds across the league to assess the talent he can provide to bring home gold. 

Like in 2010, the United States has a lot to choose from both offensively and defensively. Unlike 2010, there's been a player that's been flying way under the radar. Boston Bruins defenseman Torey Krug. The undersized defenseman(listed at 5'9' 180 lbs.) has been making waves since last year's playoffs and has continued to garnish his success this season with the same tenacity that he ended last season with.

The Michigan native has helped stabilize a once abysmal Bruins power play, and has even become a key contributor there with 10 PPP. He's also tied with former Norris winner Erik Karlsson in goals by a defenseman with 8. His play making ability on the rush has tallied him 10 assists as well. Krug also ranks just behind some of the bigger bodied defenseman as well  in points with 18. He sits just a point behind Cam Fowler and Ryan McDonaugh, 3 behind Keith Yandle, and 4 behind Dustin Byfuglien.

The little guy has proven he can play with the big boys. If he cracks the roster remains to be seen, but with numbers like that combined with play making that should gain a lot of attention in the coming weeks.